Original Medicare Plans

These plans help cover your Hospital (Part A) and Medical (Part B) services and supplies; but typically, only a portion of the costs are covered. More importantly; there is no out-of-pocket dollar limit for your share of these services, and drug costs are not covered at all.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare AdvantageThese plans (also known as “MA or MAPD plans” or “Medicare Part C”) are private insurance plans that reduce your financial risk by limiting copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles and often include prescription drug coverage. Many MA plans provide this protection with low or $0 additional premium plans. Many plans also offer extras appreciated by their members, like dental, vision, and hearing coverage or gym memberships.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) you can get all your benefits in one plan that can include additional benefits not provided in Original Medicare. Some plans include:

✔ A $0 or low additional monthly premium plan

✔ Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage

✔ Prescription drug coverage

✔ Wellness programs, gym memberships, over the counter spending allowance (OTC)

​PLUS: a defined limit on your maximum annual out-of-pocket costs! ​

Over one-third of people eligible for Medicare have already made a decision to move from their Original Medicare coverage to a Medicare Advantage plan.